About Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP

Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts focuses exclusively on the practice of intellectual property law, and covers all components related to Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Unfair Competition, Computer and Trade Secret Law. By specializing in acquiring, protecting and managing ideas and innovations, the patent invention lawyers of Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts stay abreast of all new rules and regulations governing the protection of unique ideas. This allows us to skillfully guide our clients through the legal corridors of intellectual property law, thus avoiding or removing obstacles and pitfalls they might encounter along the way.

The patent lawyers, support staff, and industry experts of Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts possess extensive training and experience in a broad range of technical fields, with many of our attorneys holding scientific or technology-related undergraduate or graduate degrees. Our patent attorneys and technical specialists represent virtually every major industry or growing field of research. The technological education and expertise of the law firm’s members include: