Our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy for monetizing intellectual property. Whether your company wants to enter the market with a joint venture or spin off company or is simply looking to profit from selling or licensing intellectual property rights to a third party, our attorneys are equipped to counsel and support you throughout the negotiation and transfer process. The proper representation is critical for commercializing intellectual property.

Schmeiser, Olsen and Watts LLP has attorneys with experience in the following areas:

Brand Management

Maximizing the recognition and goodwill associated with your business is a key component to achieving national and international success.  Our attorneys work to develop and maintain our clients’ brands at each and every stage of the business, including trademark searches and registration, proactive monitoring to detect infringing uses, and trademark enforcement.  

Trademark law requires that you police your mark to preserve its status as a source identifier.  Trademark holders need to be wary of losing their distinctiveness, such as by allowing other uses which may dilute the mark, or by allowing the mark to become generic for a particular good or service.  Let our firm help you navigate the complicated endeavor of maintaining your trademarked brand.

Patent Licensing

Our attorneys are skilled at developing valuable intellectual property for our clients.  For many of our clients this means a successful license agreement that provides regular royalty payments.  After successful prosecution of your U.S. or foreign patent, our firm has the experience necessary to identify potential licensees and negotiate terms that will maximize the return on your investment in intellectual property.  For those clients looking to license technology, our attorneys are qualified to negotiate favorable licensing terms that protect your rights and business concerns.

Contract Review

While there are many attorneys qualified to handle contracts, not all will understand the nuances that accompany contracts for intellectual property. These contracts require a detailed approach that considers the parties’ complete intellectual property portfolios as well as the specific issues presented by the licensing or transfer contract.   Our team of attorneys is well-versed in contract law and provides unique insight into the intellectual property considerations that accompany these deals, insight that results from years of experience in handling intellectual property matters.

Soft IP Licensing

Licensing and sale of soft intellectual property rights such as trademarks can be just as valuable as licensing or sale of patented technology; however, it includes its own set of risks and considerations.  For example, trademark licenses require detailed agreements covering issues such as quality control and permitted scope of use along with the monetary compensation.  Our firm is ready to help you grow your brand and maximize your impact through strategic licensing.

Patent Transactions

Our attorneys understand that for many of our clients the end goal is to sell rather than practice their idea.  After acquiring a U.S. or foreign patent, our firm can help you identify and negotiate with potential buyers.  Working with experienced attorneys can be critical to maximizing the sale price of your invention.