Tallie J. Russell


Idaho Office
900 Pier View Drive, Ste. 206
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Phone: (208) 270-0831
Fax: (480) 655-9536
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Professional Experience

*Tallie is currently on an extended leave of absence.

Tallie Russell is a senior associate and office manager at the Idaho office of Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP. Her primary practice emphasizes on patent prosecution in the field of mechanical related arts. Tallie maintains various areas of legal expertise, such as patent, trademark, copyright, litigation, and licensing. Her technical expertise is in the field of mechanical related arts, but has drafted numerous patent applications in other fields such as the medical, software, and business fields.

Before joining Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP in 2003, Tallie was an intern for Judge Randall R. Rader of the United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit. She also was a law clerk for IP firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since joining Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP, Tallie has served clients from Arizona to New York and Idaho. One of her most notable cases includes Rohm and Haas v. MicroBlend Technologies, INC.

Tallie completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies from Brigham Young University. She obtained her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, and in 2003 she earned her Juris Doctor from Brigham Young University. Currently, she is member of the Arizona Bar, and Utah Bar.

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