Nanotechnology Law

Nanotechnology law is a new frontier. The patent attorneys of Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts are aptly positioned to handle the challenges of this new frontier. Our patent attorneys and technology lawyers are already assisting clients with nanotechnology law, procuring related patents and helping them establish a viable presence in the competitive landscape.

Nanotechnology, the union of chemistry and engineering whereby molecular manufacturing is reduced to the level of building one atom or molecule at a time, promises to be the next technological revolution.

Currently, nanotechnology is accelerating past the established laws and guidelines regulating intellectual property rights, requiring constant monitoring of new developments in nanotechnology law and continuous reassessment of the impact these developments will have on the existing legal structure. Our early efforts are testing the waters of the nanotechnology laws governing this field, setting landmark procedures that will regulate the industry in the future.

Fortunately, the technology lawyers and experts at Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts are also actively participating in the push for new innovations in the field of the nanotech industry by serving on committees and coalitions involved in nanotechnology development. We recognize this industry's potential and are excited to help our clients capitalize on it.

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