IP Commercialization

Our IP Commercialization team works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy for monetizing intellectual property. Whether your company wants to enter the market with a joint venture, or spin off company, or is simply looking to profit from selling or licensing intellectual property rights to a third party, our intellectual property attorneys are equipped to counsel and support you throughout the negotiation and transfer process. The proper representation is critical for commercializing intellectual property.

Brand Management

We can help protect your trademarked brand by performing trademark searches and registration, proactive monitoring to detect infringing uses, and trademark enforcement. Learn more.

Patent Licensing

After successful prosecution of your U.S. or foreign patent, our patent licensing attorneys can help you identify potential licensees and negotiate favorable patent licensing agreements. Learn more.

Contract Review

Intellectual property contracts require a more detailed approach. Our IP attorneys are well-versed in contract law and can provide unique insight into the intellectual property considerations that accompany these deals. Learn more.

Soft IP Licensing

Our expert IP attorneys can help you grow your brand and maximize profits through the licensing and sale of soft intellectual property rights, including trademarks. Learn more.

Patent Transactions

Upon acquiring a U.S. or foreign patent, our patent attorneys can help you identify and negotiate with potential buyers, and maximize the sale price of your patented invention or product. Learn more.