IP Audits

A clear understanding of your company’s intellectual property assets is critical. Our IP attorneys provide that understanding through evaluation of the IP assets owned by your company. We help you understand how the intellectual property is being used and ensure that the best strategies are in place for managing and utilizing your intellectual property.

Our attorneys will examine several factors:

  • IP ownership
  • Lapsed rights
  • Utilization of IP assets
  • Validity of key patents
  • IP value and importance in the industry
  • Life expectancy of the IP
  • Licensing and/or contract duties and obligations

The factors listed here, and other factors to be examined, depend on the scope of the IP audit.

We Ensure Your IP Assets Are Properly Managed & Utilized

The skilled IP attorneys at Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts can assist with an IP audit of your company, providing legal insight specifically focused on IP strategy. Successful IP audits require a blend of your business professionals and our IP attorneys, whom have the legal and technical background to quickly familiarize themselves with your core technology, and provide valuable conclusions.