In addition to our notable patent procurement services, we partner with organizations to assist in the successful management of its IP portfolio.  Our systems and review processes allow us to continue to issue the highest quality patents and trademarks.

With the utilization of paperless digital filing systems by the USPTO, it has become easier to provide direct client access to client-related matters and timely report such matters.  If desired, we can work with clients to establish client-specific Customer Numbers and set up access to Private PAIR so our clients can access and review the current status of pending matters in their IP portfolios.

In addition, our firm uses a redundant docketing system through advanced software.  Docketed matters are continuously backed-up between multiple in-house offices, and on a daily basis, software extracts customer-specific data from PAIR, thereby keeping the docketing system up-to-date.  We adapt our docketing and reporting procedures to our client’s specific needs.

We are used to providing detailed reports for our clients.  By utilizing sophisticated software with extensive reporting capabilities, we can cull data and generate reports in a variety of formats and with short notice.  Our attorneys are equipped to analyze the data and draw conclusions that can be relied on to make executive level decisions on particular IP filing strategies.

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