Intellectual Property Litigation

We feature a team of litigators that are experienced in all areas of intellectual property litigation. Our team focuses on strategy, efficiency, communication and professionalism to resolve our clients’ disputes in an effective and goal-oriented manner.

At the outset of any dispute, we work closely with our clients to fully understand and analyze their objectives. We recognize that it is often in our clients’ best interest to try to avoid the costs of litigation if settlement or other resolutions are possible. Using a combination of legal knowledge, business acumen and creative thinking, our team focuses on helping our clients achieve their business goals both before and after a suit is filed.

We are adept at working with our clients to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy at the outset of any case and we continue to reevaluate that strategy as the case progresses. Being a boutique firm that focuses its practice in the field of intellectual property, our team is experienced working together to prioritize efficiency. Our aim is to maximize benefits of any litigation while minimizing costs for our clients.

We take pride in developing enduring relationships with our clients.  We ensure that our clients are constantly apprised of case developments. Our team is diligent in working closely with our clients to ensure that the strategic decisions we make are consistent their litigation goals.

intellectual property litigation consultation

Patent Litigation

Whether you have been recently made aware of a competitor that is infringing your patent, or have been sent a cease and desist letter accusing your company of patent infringement, our litigation team works with our clients to achieve successful outcomes in patent disputes. Learn more.

Copyright Litigation

Our firm represents clients with a variety of copyrighted material, including software, books, art, music and film. We can help you assert your rights against copyright infringers, and have also successfully defended clients accused of copyright infringement. Learn more.

ITC Litigation

It may be advantageous to litigate your intellectual property dispute in Section 337 proceedings at the International Trade Commission, since they typically resolve themselves far faster than going to trial in Federal Court. Learn more.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can help to decide disputes outside the courtroom. Sometimes, parties pursue ADR to avoid the high costs and uncertainty of a lengthy litigation. Learn more.


When it comes to actually filing an appeal, we understand the importance of succinct and precise argumentation and we apply this philosophy to both briefing and oral arguments. Learn more.