Our litigation team includes talented patent attorneys possessing a combination of both legal and technical expertise.  Many of our litigating patent attorneys have strong technical backgrounds and have years of experience prosecuting patents.  Through this experience, our litigators have developed a vast understanding of patent laws, rules and procedure.  Further, our litigation team has at its disposal a host of skilled patent prosecution attorneys of all technical backgrounds to consult on technical issues whenever necessary.

Our team is experienced with analyzing complex patent disputes, patent infringement and invalidity issues at an early stage with the goal of avoiding costly litigation when possible. We seek to offer well-researched and well-reasoned counsel to our clients with the goal of helping them quickly achieve their business goals in any patent dispute.

Whether you have been recently made aware of a competitor that is infringing on your patent, or have been sent a cease and desist letter accusing your company of patent infringement, our litigation team works with our clients to achieve successful outcomes in patent disputes. Should a case be commenced, our patent attorneys have experience effectively representing clients in Federal Court. We work hard building your case through documents, witnesses and experts to ensure that your case is supported by the most persuasive evidence possible.

Our patent attorneys and litigators ensure that our clients are aware and fully understand all of the possibilities that might arise in patent disputes, including temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, ITC proceedings, permanent injunctions and post-grant review.

If you are involved in a patent dispute, contact us for an in-depth consultation with a patent attorney in Albany, New York City, Boston, San Diego, Phoenix AZ or Washington DC.

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