Our Practice

The intellectual property law experts and patent attorneys at Schmeiser, Olsen and Watts are dedicated to acquiring, protecting and managing your ideas and inventions. We provide patent, trademark and copyright prosecution, as well as IP litigation and post-grant proceedings. We also offer IP consulting and represent clients who are interested in selling or licensing their intellectual property rights through commercialization. In addition, our legal team has extensive training and experience in variety of technical fields.


Organizations consistently choose Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP based on our reputation for developing unique and effective prosecution strategies. Whether you’re filing for a patent, obtaining a trademark or copyrighting your work, our attorneys have both the experience and knowledge to counsel and support you throughout the entire process. Learn more. 


We feature a team of litigators that are experienced in all areas of intellectual property litigation. Our team focuses on strategy, efficiency, communication and professionalism to resolve our clients’ disputes in an effective and goal-oriented manner. Learn more.


A post-grant procedure occurs after the Patent Office has examined and issued a patent. A number of these procedures are available to invalidate a patent at less cost than traditional litigation. Often times, these procedures are utilized as a litigation strategy. Learn more.

IP Consulting

Implementing sound IP strategy starts with a clear understanding of the landscape. Learn more about our IP counseling services. Our attorneys are equipped to advise our clients on various matters relating to IP. Company leaders count on our expertise to help them navigate complex issues and make informed decisions. Learn more.


Our attorneys work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy for monetizing intellectual property. Whether your company wants to enter the market with a joint venture or spin off company or is simply looking to profit from selling or licensing intellectual property rights to a third party, our attorneys are equipped to counsel and support you throughout the negotiation and transfer process. Learn more.


The attorneys at Schmeiser, Olsen and Watts not only possess advanced science, engineering, and other technical degrees, but many actually have on-the-job experience in corporate America — designing, developing and using many of the technologies our clients draw upon when developing new ideas. Learn more.