Patent Applications, Disputes & Sales

Our patent attorneys in Albany, New York City, Phoenix AZ, Washington DC, Boston MA and San Diego CA focus exclusively on patent law, working with clients in nearly every major industry or field of research. We specialize in preparing and filing patent applications, negotiating patent licensing agreements and patent sales, litigating patent infringement cases and other patent disputes, providing expert counsel in post-grant proceedings, and offering advanced patent portfolio management and additional consulting.  

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Patent Prosecution

We specialize in well-drafted patent applications, and innovative and cost-effective patent prosecution.

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Patent Litigation

Our team is experienced with litigating complex patent infringement and invalidity issues.

Patent Licensing

Patent Licensing

We can help you identify potential licensees and negotiate favorable patent licensing agreements.


Patent Sales Transactions

We can help you negotiate with potential buyers to maximize the sale price of your patented invention.

Patent Pending

Post-Grant Proceedings

An alternative to costly patent infringement litigation, post-grant proceedings can be used to challenge or invalidate a patent.

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Patent Portfolio Management

Our team assists organizations with successful management of their patent portfolios with advanced docketing system software.

City of Albany NY

Albany Patent Attorneys

Our Albany team has extensive experience with patent prosecution, infringement and portfolio management, as well as patent licensing & sales.

New York City

New York City Patent Attorneys

We have extensive experience filing patent applications, litigating patent infringement cases and preparing patent licensing agreements.

Rochester NY

Rochester Patent Attorneys

Our attorneys have patent experience in variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemistry, biotechnology and more.

Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Patent Attorneys

We have worked with clients in nearly every major industry, with an emphasis on mechanical engineering and computer software patents.

Washington DC

Washington DC Patent Attorneys

Our patent attorneys specialize in electrical technology, opticsmechanical arts and computer technology & software patents.

Boston MA

Boston Patent Attorneys

We possess vast technical expertise in computer technology & software, semiconductors, optics, medical devices and mechanical arts patents.

San Diego Patent Attorneys

As former engineers and physicists, our San Diego patent attorneys specialize in biotechnology, medical devicesoptics and materials science patents.

Legal FAQs

Patent FAQs

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about patents, including how much does a patent cost and when does a patent expire.