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As an IP focused firm, our copyright attorneys specialize in copyright registration and protection for a vast scope of subject matter, including, literary works such as books, catalogs, sales directories, computer programs or business brochures and pamphlets, musical works, art work including paintings, photographs and labels used for articles of merchandise, internet websites and contents including the design of a website, graphics, original text, links, and all other distinctive elements that contribute to the uniqueness of the website, fabric design, motion pictures, other audio visual works, and even color arrangements.

The Copyright Act generally gives the owner of a copyright the exclusive right to do and to authorize others to do the following: reproduce the works in copies or phonorecords, prepare derivative works, distribute copies or phonorecords by sale rental, lease, or lending, perform the copyrighted work publicly in the case of sound recordings, and display the copyrighted work publicly.

Our copyright attorneys in Albany, New York City and Phoenix AZ will help prepare the copyright registration for your works.  Additionally, we can represent you in copyright infringement cases and contract negotiations involving your works.

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