SOW Honored to Participate in the 2nd IP Monetization and Commercialization Forum in China

On June 26, 2016, SOW was honored to participate in the 2nd IP Monetization and Commercialization Forum in the ancient city of Suzhou, China.  There were over 1000 enthusiastic professionals in attendance including notable government dignitaries.  The focus of the forum was high level discussions on the increasing importance of intellectual property rights for the long-term prosperity of the Chinese economy.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Yongtu Long 龙永图, whom has held the position of Secretary-General of the Boao for Asia  since 2003.  Secretary-General Long served as the chief negotiator for China’s accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, when he served as a Director-General  at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.  Secretary-General Long convincingly encouraged the forum’s participants to grow the “innovation economy” of China, with a particular emphasis on patents.

Other speakers included the Chief of Jiangsu Province IP Bureau, the Mayor of Suzhou, the CEO of WTOIP, as well as other Chinese dignitaries, celebrities, and foreign guests.

SOW’s own Daniel H. Sherr was honored to be a panelist in the Summit Discussion of Global IP Business as an expert on patent transactions and patent strategy.  Mr. Sherr’s commentary focused on the practical challenges to maximizing the power of intellectual property rights in the increasingly innovative global economy.

Suzhou in an ancient city that was founded 2,500 years ago in 514 BC, located about 100 km (62 miles) northwest of Shanghai.  Suzhou is often called the “Venice of the East” due to the cities extensive infrastructure canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens.  In recent history, Suzhou has been an economical hub for the prominent Jiangsu Province, with a population of more than 10 million people.  China is deeply proud of Suzhou, which made it the perfect setting for the 2nd IP Monetization and Commercialization Forum.

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