Patent Attorneys with Technical Experience

The patent attorneys at Schmeiser, Olsen and Watts not only possess advanced science, engineering, and other technical degrees, but many actually have on-the-job experience in corporate America — designing, developing and using many of the technologies our clients draw upon when developing new ideas. Learn more about our extensive technology experience below.


Our highly skilled biotech patent attorneys provide their clients with the broadest possible range of technical backgrounds and industry experience necessary to protect the complex intellectual property interests unique to the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving biotech industry. Learn more.


The chemistry practice at Schmeiser Olsen & Watts includes knowledgeable and enthusiastic chemical industry patent attorneys, agents, professionals and former USPTO examiners with educational and technical backgrounds in a broad array of chemical disciplines. Learn more.

Computer Technology & Software

Our computer technology & software patent attorneys file hundreds of patents each year in cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, data mining, e-commerce, cloud-computing, mobile systems, manufacturing systems and Web analytics. Learn more.

Electrical & Electromechanical

Our electrical engineering patent attorneys have experience in a variety of fields, including consumer electronics, transportation, mobile technologies, semiconductors, automation, and much more, allowing us to to offer a variety of IP law services to individuals, startups and large corporations. Learn more.

Mechanical Arts

The mechanical arts practice at Schmeiser Olsen & Watts has a robust team of patent attorneys and agents with various engineering backgrounds, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, structural engineering, aerospace engineering and others. Learn more.

Medical Devices

Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts has been actively prosecuting, litigating and licensing medical device patents for nearly thirty years. Our medical device patent attorneys have experience in a variety of fields, including endovascular devices, medical imaging, laparoendoscopic instruments and healthcare operations. Learn more.


Our optical technology patent attorneys and agents have extensive experience in patent prosecution and litigation, as well as IP consulting and commercialization in a variety of optics fields, including optical systems, lasers, LEDs, fiber optics and optical fabrication techniques. Learn more.

Pharmaceutical Science

Our highly skilled pharmaceutical patent attorneys understand the challenges of protecting pharmaceutical innovations on a global scale, and have worked with clients on patents for small and large molecule drugs, biologics, drug delivery systems, imaging solutions and pharmaceutical process development, and we. Learn more.