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The attorneys, patent agents, and staff at Schmeiser Olsen & Watts include experienced client advocates representing a scope of disciplines from across the biotech industry. These highly skilled biotech patent agents provide our clients with the broadest possible range of technical backgrounds and industry experience necessary to protect the complex intellectual property interests unique to the fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving biotech industry.

Our biotech patent agents and attorneys work together to guide and assist our clients during all phases of a biotech company’s development, from using comprehensive state-of-the-art analysis to provide an early startup with a defined patentable “white space” within which to develop its intellectual property, to representing and guiding a mature biotechnology company through complex licensing negotiations, IP portfolio management, and—where necessary—skilled legal representation through patent enforcement proceedings and litigation.

Our biotech expertise includes:

  • Proteomics – Enzyme chemistry; antibody development; functional and structural genomics including translational and post-translational manipulation; hybridization; production engineering and throughput optimization; protein chips; immunoassays and analytical technologies; functional manipulation of protein pathways, biological fluids and systems biology; and protein-centered bioinformatics.
  • Tissue Engineering – Regenerative medicine; biocompatible materials and scaffolding, 3-D bioprinting; stem and progenitor cell manipulation; techniques for hormone and growth factor manipulation; tissue culture, cellular and tissue bioreactors, molecular assembly, cell propagation and organization; and organogenesis, including intra-corporeal and extra-corporeal replacement organs.
  • Small Molecules – pathway manipulation; drug, supplement, and cosmetic development; assays and analytics.
  • Agricultural Biotech – genetic engineering and genetically modified plants, genetically modified animals; molecular marker analysis and selection, molecular diagnostics, plant tissue culture, food production, drug discovery and development; and crop production.
  • Environmental Biology– biofuel production, synergistic bioenergy systems; clean-up technologies employing micro-organisms and genetically-engineered organisms; and climate change mitigation.

Consult with a Biotech Patent Agent

The experience of our professionals across several biotechnology disciplines allows Schmeiser Olsen & Watts to offer a variety of services to individuals, startups and large corporations, regardless of whether your IP involves a focused discipline or spans numerous different technologies. Our biotech patent agents can provide the IP management strategies your portfolio deserves, as well as well-drafted patent applications, patent licensing and IP litigation.

For a free consultation with a biotech patent agent in Albany, New York City, Phoenix AZ or Washington DC, please call (800) 451-4041 or contact our local law offices directly.

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