Mechanical Arts Patent Attorneys

The practice at Schmeiser Olsen & Watts is a robust team of mechanical arts patent attorneys and agents that have various engineering backgrounds, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, structural engineering, aerospace engineering and others. We are proud of our reputation for consistently preparing and prosecuting high-quality mechanical arts patents, many of which have withstood invalidity challenges in patent litigation as well as post-grant challenges at the USPTO. Some of the largest companies in the world look to our Mechanical Arts team to develop and manage their patent portfolio, knowing that we capture valuable scope with each patent in a large volume portfolio.

Our Mechanical Arts Expertise Includes:

  • Clean Energy Solutions – battery technology, renewable energy sources, energy storage, electric motor, wind turbines, solar devices.
  • Power Generation – compressors, generators, engine technology, turbines, power plant processing, power transmission, nuclear power and weapons, industrial machines, diesel and natural gas engines.
  • Food & Agriculture – food processing systems and methods, farm vehicles, construction and mining equipment, equipment, heavy duty vehicle, waste minimization, processing sensors and connectors.
  • Automotive – fuel propulsion technologies, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, driving assistance, telematics, navigation, plugs and connectors, exterior and interior design protection
  • Water Resource – water treatment facilities, pipeline technologies, valves, pumps, wastewater management, water delivery and management, purification and filtration technology.
  • Aerospace – gas dynamics, aircraft design, flight propulsion technologies, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), flight software, and aerodynamics, simulators.

Consult with a Mechanical Arts Patent Attorney

The experience of our mechanical arts patent attorneys across several mechanical disciplines allows Schmeiser Olsen &Watts to offer a variety of services to individuals, startups and large corporations, regardless of whether your IP involves a focused discipline or spans numerous different technologies. Schmeiser Olsen & Watts can provide the IP management strategies your portfolio deserves, as well as well-drafted patent applications, patent licensing and IP litigation.

For a free consultation with a mechanical arts patent attorney in Albany, New York City, Phoenix AZ or Washington DC, please call (800) 451-4041 or contact our local law offices directly.

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