Trademark Registration & Licensing

Our trademark attorneys provide the full spectrum of services, including preparing and filing new trademark applications, providing valuable trademark clearance opinions, responding to office actions issued during the registration process, monitoring renewals, and advising clients on filing strategies. We also help clients grow their brands and maximize profits through trademark licensing and sales, and offer brand management services designed to detect trademark infringement and provide trademark enforcement.

Learn more about our trademark registration, trademark infringement litigation, and licensing services below, or call (800) 451-4041 to request a free consultation with a trademark attorney in Albany, New York City, Phoenix AZ, Washington DC, Boston MA and San Diego CA.

Binder marked Trademark

Trademark Prosecution

Our knowledgeable trademark attorneys will assist you in securing and obtaining trademarks that both establish a legal avenue for enforcement and complement your brand.

Brand Management

We can help protect your trademarked brand by performing trademark searches and registration, proactive monitoring to detect infringing uses, and trademark enforcement.

Trademark Clearance

Our trademark attorneys can provide a Trademark Clearance Opinion on whether your proposed trademark is registerable with the USPTO, based on a review of existing marks.

IP Licensing

Soft IP Licensing

Our trademark attorneys can help you grow your brand and maximize profits through the licensing and sale of soft intellectual property rights, including trademarks.

Legal FAQs

Trademark FAQs

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about trademarks, including when does a trademark expire and what is considered trademark infringement.